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Our Philosophy

A brief overview of the project's goals and what we want to achieve.

What we don’t want to do

  1. QGP is not attempting to replace Astro or Vite. We just think that they are both fantastic tools and that they can be used together for a great developer experience.

  2. QGP is not attempting to take over your entire project. We pride ourselves on a modular installation with the majority of the files hidden away in a folder to themselves. This means that you can easily remove QGP from your project if you decide that you no longer need it.

  3. QGP is not attempting to solve every problem. You would need to rely on Astro and Vite to bring some of the integrations that QGP does not provide, or add some tools like testing and linting yourself.

What we do want to do

  1. QGP wants to be approachable. With our pre-configuration process, we hope to make the development experience of complex applications in Astro as easy as possible.

  2. QGP wants to be composable. Just like removing QGP should be easy, extending it should be as well.

  3. QGP wants to be accessible. QGP is made for developers by developers. Contribution should be simple and fun.

Good Fits

  • A mostly static site with an extremely dynamic dashboard, game, or other application.
  • A complex single page application with a few static parts such as a landing page or documentation.
  • A blend of multiple complex applications within a single project — even different frameworks!

Bad Fits

  • A mostly static site like blogs or documentation. Just use Astro. You won’t get much benefits from using HMR if you don’t have a lot of stateful components.

  • Complex application where JS payload size is not a concern. Just use T3 stack, Remix (HMR soon?), SvelteKit, Nuxt, SolidStart, etc. Those tools are focused on building webapps and have a bigger ecosystem of existing integrations, templates and have more learning resources.

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