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Quark Gluon Plasma

A framework combining the best of Astro and Vite.

Create SPA's inside MPA's without sacrificing developer experience.

A comparison of HMR between Astro, Vite, and Create React App. Astro loses the client state with every file change. Vite and Create React App both maintain the client state, but Vite is noticeably faster.

QGP is a small layer of glue that combines Astro and Vite. It also adds an optional layer of compatibility for your existing code. The idea is to leverage the power of Astro while still enjoying the Hot Module Reloading of Vite. Starter templates designed to be extremely similar to one provided by Create React App, so you can probably start with QGP instead of CRA without your boss realizing it.

The best way to start is to run create-qgp command and to play with

the templates. This documentation website is still a work in progress, it will soon have sections with instructions on how to add QGP to your existing Vite, Astro or CRA projects, but for now you can check out Our Philosophy .

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