The Create QGP CLI Tool

Creating a new QGP project is as easy as running a few commands in your terminal.

About the CLI

To create a new QGP project, you can use the create-qgp CLI tool. We have created a few templates to help you understand QGP, get started with a new project, or migrate a project from Create React App (CRA) to QGP.

Installation and Usage

If you run the CLI by itself by typing npm create qgp@latest in the terminal, you will be prompted to choose a template. You can also specify a template by running npx create-qgp@latest -t <template-name> <folder-name> with the template name and folder name of your choice although this doesn’t always work right now (Alpha software is fun!).

The Templates

Right now, we have three templates available:

If you have ideas for other templates, feel free to open an issue on the GitHub repository or submit a pull request.

The qgp-demo Template

The qgp-demo template is a simple demonstration of QGP and Astro’s core features. It’s the Astro blog template with a few modifications to demonstrate how QGP works. It is our recommended starting point for people new to QGP. You can find the source code for the template here. If you like QGP and you want to use it at work, you can show this template to your boss to demonstrate how easy it is to use.

The qgp-cra Template

The qgp-cra template is a template to migrate a project from CRA to QGP. It’s literally the entirety of Create React App’s starter template held inside of a single route in Astro. You can find the source code for the template here. After you’ve convinced your boss to let you use QGP, you can use this template to migrate your existing CRA project to QGP. Click here to learn more about migrating a project from CRA to QGP.

The qgp-blank Template

The qgp-blank template is a blank template to start from scratch with Astro, Vite, and React. There’s a few routes to remind you how things work, but it’s a mostly blank canvas waiting for you to make your masterpiece. You can find the source code for the template here. If you already understand how to build single page applications inside of Astro, you can use this template to start from scratch without deleting much.

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